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Namangan airport operates round-the-clock and is “backup” for aircraft of both Uzbekistan Airports LLC and CIS airlines. It can also be used as an airport for technical landings. Here, the entire complex of ground handling of aircraft, commercial servicing of passengers, cargo, and additional related services are provided. The following types of aircraft are accepted for passenger transportation – Boeing-767/757/737, A-319 / A-320 / A-321, for cargo transportation – Cargo aircraft – Il-76TD. The terminal capacity is 200 passengers per hour. Currently, flights from Namangan Airport operate flights to the capital of the republic – Tashkent, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and Novosibirsk. The airport is 12 km from the city center, where shuttle buses run. Currently, the airport complex is being reconstructed in order to increase the level of passenger service in accordance with modern requirements and the image of Uzbekistan Airports LLC.

To serve passengers and clients at the airport:

  • waiting room for passengers;
  • waiting room for transit passengers;
  • arrival and departure hall for passengers of international lines (CIS);
  • ZOD hall;
  • mother and baby room;
  • medical Center;
  • currency exchange point;
  • bar;
  • luggage packing;
  • ticket office;
  • infokiosk;
  • flight schedule on an electronic scoreboard;
  • Department of State Quarantine Service;
  • inquiry Office;
  • border and customs control services, aviation security.

NAMAGAN XALQARO AEROPORTI LLC serves not only Uzbekistan Airways flights, but also flights of Russian airlines, such as:

  • Ural Airlines
  • Nord wind
  • Red wingz
  • Siberia Airlines (S7).